Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm Getting Angry

Have I lost any weight yet?
What the fuck are Flex Points?
Will the treadmill make too much noise and annoy the people below us?
How are we even going to get the fucking thing up the stairs?
I can't believe the library called again.
I'm hungry.
What job will they make me interview for this time?
Maybe I'll get the job with Emily at UP.
I'll make more money there anyways.
I've been laying here for a goddamn HOUR ALREADY.
Or I could get both of them and make a shitload of money.
Stop getting your hopes up.
I don't know how to do the histiography for class.
There's no way I can write a 25 page paper.
I'm hungry.
What am I going to eat for dinner tomorrow?
I can't wait for the Gilmore Girls season premiere.
I don't want Keri to leave for Ireland.
Being on a 10 hour flight TERRIFIES ME.
I can't wait to go to the bar tomorrow.
What time is Mom picking me up Thursday?
I probably should have read for class tomorrow.
I haven't seen her since August 17th.
I should apply at Copy Services tomorrow.
I'm taking a nap as soon as I get back from getting Keri's liscense tomorrow.
I hope I wake up to my alarm at 8:30.
I'm so tired.

With all this running through my head NO WONDER I CAN'T FUCKING SLEEP.


Anonymous said...
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Bill B. said...

I'll try to help you the best I can

1. Yes
2. Flexpoints are either a sensor for a car or a tennis raquet.
3. Yes, Treadmills are very loud. I lived OVER a gym and you could still hear people pounding their feet on them.
4. Most treadmills come disassembled or if already put together can be folded.
5. Pay your late fee douchebag.
6. Eat those Pizza bagel bites, they rule.
7. Receptionist
8. You will get the job at UP.
9. You will make more money there.
10. GET UP!
11. Not with your schoolwork missy.
12. Join us on planet earth please.
13. Hire an Asian tutor.
14. You can do it, just wait till the last minute.
15. Once again eat Bagel Bites.
16. Eat Bagel Bites tomorrow also.
17. The Golden Girls?
18. Stop her at the airport in tears and tell her if she goes, you'll off yourself.
19. Honestly you need something to keep you busy and a book won't cut it. Take TONS of music and batteries.
20. I'll buy a shot mojo.
21. Mom will be there at 9 sharp.
22. Just don't show, c'mon that's the greek way!
23. You're a bad daugther.
24. Do it up beyotch.
25. God you're both going to be driving? I'm getting off the roads.
26. They have an alarm that once it goes off it bounces off your stand and rolls to a wall so you have to get up and shut it off.
27. Goodnight Snow White.

keri said...

where is the blog about our fabulous weekend? instead of you just sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself, you should inundate your internet friends with whimsical tales of this weekend. Like the corn, the "just chill", and that weird thing you did with a gerbil... good lord, i don't know whether to be proud or disgusted. anyways, just make me look good. love, sister

Hoagie1 said...

So Windy CIty is not treating you too good?

Jenn said...

HAHAH. I love it when your sister makes fun of you. It's the bestest.

Quit crying and call me. We're long overdue.