Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's Snowing. Crap.

I'm almost postive I'm going to die of heat exhaustion in my room.

I woke up at 8:00 am to do a paper that was supposedly due at 12:30 today. It was the shittiest paper I'd ever written, of course, but I got it done 20 minutes before class. Only to find out it's not due until next Tuesday. I could have slept for 4 more goddamn hours.

I'm obsessed with the album If You're Feeling Sinister by Belle and Sebastian.

I was supposed to go home Thursday, but instead I'm staying until Friday so I can go out for Stephanie's 22nd birthday. My friends are getting old. We're doing this thing called "ride the rail" at Molly's, nine different beers for $25 and then you get a free shirt. A free shirt! I'd cut off my right arm if I got a free shirt. I'll also try my first Guinness that night. I wait 21 years to have a Guiness and then do it 2 days before I go to Ireland. Oh the irony. Or is that not really irony. Who cares. If Alanis can do it, so can I.

Bill, no Irish rock for you. I asked for advice on how to best make sure I fall asleep for the 6 hour flight, not advice on what would entertain me. I want no entertainment; I want sleep. Next time try reading the directions more carefully. Maybe I'll bring you home a bag of dirt or something, as a consolation prize.

I didn't do my homework tonight, so I have double to do tomorrow. Crap.

I took a nap today, and wanted to wake up at 7:00 pm to watch the Gilmore Girls, because I'm just THAT cool. I woke up at 8:04. Crap.

I hope The Office never goes off the air because I would cry. I know they only did 2 seasons, or 12 episodes in England and that scares me. I keep laughing thinking about the balding, fat white guy, Kevin, looking into the camera and saying how Michael and his boss Jan "made out and had sex." Also I have a crush on Jim, big nose and all. I found this list of quotes from the show, even though I was really busy and had a lot of important things to do. Read them. Now.

Abraham Lincoln once said that "If you're a racist, I will attack you with the North" and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace. - Michael Scott

In FOUR days I'll be in the Homeland. With my sister. Hurrah!


Killjoy said...

As a former flight attendant who spent two years in the air trying to stay awake, I would suggest the following: secure a window seat. That way you can use the window to stick a pillow and snooze. Also bring some crap magazines you intend to read, but don't read them yet, just look at all the pictures. Then maybe start a little travel journal of your trip by describing the people sitting around you. Then get out of your seat and go make nice with the flight attendants because they could be the last friends you ever have. They also know how to open the doors in the event you survive a firey crash in ocean. Once you've browsed the DutyFree and are thoroughly bored out of your skull, break out the $10, buy two (or however many you need) miniatures from the bar, slam them, and you will sleep like a baby for the rest of the flight. If you accidentally wake before you're on the landing path, get that magazine out that you didn't read and read it.

I don't know, this all worked for me on the few flights I took from St. Louis to Hawaii.

Good luck. And ignore that part about the firey crash.

At least that works for me.

Bill B. said...

Sheesh Katie if you're looking for the easy way out just take a crapload of NyQuil..........pack like 4 or 5 bottles (Death Green flavor). They just keep chugging that stuff.

keri said...

what the hell? you are coming to IRELAND in 3 days, and you're going to drink guinness at NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY? i don't know you anymore. love you!

HMT said...

you say "blog," awesome.

James O'Connor said...

we'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink and fight!
and if i see a pretty girl, ill sleep with her tonight!
we'll drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and
drink and fight!