Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Annoyed, My Brother Is A Bastard, Accents, Laziness, Shiloh

My brother burned me a cd I just bought him for his birthday (yeah it was January 14th, get off my back about it J), The Ranconteurs' Broken Boy Solider, and because it's burned it doesn't have the song titles on it when I play it on the computer. This is thouroghly annoying the shit out of me right now. Yeah I know I could look it up but I don't want to.

Speaking of my brother, I had this conversation with him about 2 hours ago.

J.P: Whad you have to eat?
Me: Christ where do I start... some ice cream, cantaloupe, strawberries....you could make a sandwich, there's lunchmeat in there.
J: I know, but I don't like turkey.
M: Are you serious? There's leftover baked beans in there, or you could have a bowl of cereal....oh my god I sound like Mom. DON'T EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN.
J: Cause you're getting so old.
M: Fuck you.

I don't know which I was madder about, me realizing I sounded exactly like my mom rattling off all the things to eat in the fridge or being accused of being old. We'll see how my being old comes into handy for you the next time you ask me to buy you beer. MUUUUUUULTI-TASKING.

Last Tuesday at the bar I met a guy, Patrick, from Northern Ireland. I love accents of any kind, especially Irish ones, but I could not understand a goddamn word that came out of his mouth. I must have asked him to repeat everything at least 3 times, and even then I wouldn't understand and would kind of do a half smile and nod or laugh, while thinking "please for the love of god I hope you're not asking me 'What do you do' or 'how old are you?'. I thought maybe it was just because we were drunk, but no, on the phone it was even worse. It made me wonder if I was the idiot (the answer was of course) because he never asked me to repeat anything 64 times. Or maybe he just wasn't listening anyways, but bottom line: I like the accent as long as it doesn't give me a panic attack even thinking about having a conversation with you.

My graduation party is this coming Saturday and I am dreading answering "So what are you going to do now?" 359 times because I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING. Yeah I have a job for the moment back at the UPS Store, but I feel like a giantass loser saying that, which is totally justified because saying you're back at the place you worked at in high school makes you feel pretty small. I can't even bitch though, because it's my fault, and I totally realize that, but wah wah it's still annoying. Maybe a normal person would use that was motivation, but not me. I'm still waiting for that perfect job to fall into my lap without me doing any work to get it. God, who would have thought it would be taking this long.

ANGELINA AND BRAD FINALLY HAD THE BABY. It's sad how complete my life is now.


Rat In A Cage said...

track# song name track time
1 Steady, As She Goes (3:35)
2 Hands (4:01)
3 Broken Boy Soldier (3:02)
4 Intimate Secretary (3:30)
5 Together (3:58)
6 Level (2:21)
7 Store Bought Bones (2:25)
8 Yellow Sun (3:20)
9 Call It a Day (3:36)
10 Blue Veins (3:52)

Kurt said...

I just want to say one word to you -- just one word -- 'plastics'

J O'Dizz said...

its true, you are getting old.

chances of you doing anything productive within the next 4 months are REMOTE

Anonymous said...

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