Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baseball Jargon No One Will Care About

Today the White Sox played the Oakland A's and it was the first time Frank Thomas was going to be back at Comiskey Park as an opposing player, after being on the Sox for his first 16 years. I was honestly worried (I'm queer) about how the Sox fans at the park were going to react to him, whether they would boo or cheer him. A couple weeks ago the Sox's Big Hurt replacement, Jim Thome, played in Cleveland for the first time since he was traded from there to the Phillies and the crowd booed him, and it sucked to watch because he's a good guy who never said anything bad about the team he played for 13 years for (Hawk, the Sox announcer said, "DJ, am I missing something here? Did Thome say something bad about this town when he left?" and my brother has made me repeat it about 54 times because it was funny and you totally had to be there nevermind). So anyways, Frank steps up to bat, and the whole stadium cheers and gives him a standing ovation with a million signs made saying "The House the Big Hurt Built" and other stupid shit like that, and it was awesome. He even took off his helmet and waved it to the crowd to acknowledge all the cheering, which I loved. I don't know why I was so worried, but what they did in the stadium was going to reflect every other Sox fan, and I didn't want us to be known as a group of douche bags. I was a little pissed at Frank (we're on a first name basis) when he left because he didn't really leave on a high note, and that made me sad because he was my favorite player for the longest time growing up. I'm totally going on too long about this, but bottom line, I was proud to be a Sox fan today. They might have booed him later, but that's only because he hit 2 home runs and a single, so it was warrented. Bastard. Sox fans - we love you until you almost make us lose, but then when we come back in the 10th inning because of a Pablo Ozuna bunt, we still love you. Not to get specific or anything. Go Sox.


Rat In A Cage said...

Class is always uplifting. Congratulations to all the ChiSox fans for making all fans proud everywhere. Good for you!

Earth Rooster said...

The Sox blow dog! Cry me a river, you lost him, so sad.

Rat In A Cage said...

Katie> President's Day weekend - February - Whirley Ball ... are you down? We need a 5th!

Kurt said...

the sox fans showed much more class than thomas did in his last season there.
hey katie, check out this stream -
it is a radio tribute show done on Dylan's birthday.
i thought of you when it came on today....

Anonymous said...

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